A Different Type of Family Doctor for Winston Salem

A Family Doctor That Cares

With health care taking up so much media time recently, much of it in a negative light, there is a prejudice forming in america about health care and the disposition of doctors.

Unfortunately some of this information being shared with the public is both true and false.  Therefor no one knows WHO to trust or WHAT to believe!  At Family Care of Winston Salem we cant speak for other doctors.  However we can make several things about us known to you.

1. At Winston Salem Family Care - We care about our patients

Yes, we honestly care!  We are not perfect nor do we claim to be.  However you can rest assured you are getting our very best every time you step into our Winston Salem office.

2. At Winston Salem Family Care - We take time with you

Many doctors only spend 5-8 minutes with their patients.  We take the time you need to get a proper diagnosis and treatment.  You are not just one number on a list of hundreds.

3. At Winston Salem Family Care - We get to know you

We strive to learn as much as we can about our patients.  Getting to know you on a more complete level will help us help you.  And with consistent office staff and care providers you can rest assured that you will get to know us as well.