3 Benefits of Going To a Family Doctor | Winston Salem Family Care

The Top Three Benefits of a Family Care Practice

People are always asking me what the biggest benefits are of going to a family care doctor instead of a more specialized practice.

Let's digest some of the differences between family practices and more specialized ones that focus solely on children or adults.

1- At a family care practice, the single biggest benefit is that the entire family can be seen by one doctor. This way you all have one point of contact for your healthcare needs.  

2-  The doctor who sees your entire family will be able to better prescribe medications keeping everyone in your home in mind.  He or she will understand if the children are sick, parents will need to take measures to stay healthy and be able to help.

3- Everyone in your family will become familiar and comfortable with the doctor when they see the parents being treated by him or her also.  Children tend to hold a large amount of pent up anxiety towards doctors and nurses mainly due to shots.   If they see and hear mom and dad talking positively about this doctor it will help relieve that stress.