How Often Should I Go To The Doctor? | Winston Salem Family Care

How often should someone go to the doctor?

This is a question we get asked on a fairly regular basis. A visit to your doctor shouldn't be something that has to be planned out.  However there are certain things that need to be done regularly especially if you have health risks.  

1 - Yearly Check Up - You should have your doctor do a check up on you yearly.  If you have insurance, the cost is nominal and the benefit of having a doctor look at you is great.  Many diseases are caught early this way.

2 - Schedule Your Physical - Make sure you schedule your next physical as you complete your current one.  Going years without having an in depth physical by a doctor can be dangerous. Take a few moments and make sure you have one on the book.

3 - When Sickness Strikes - Feeling sick?  Call your doctors office and see if it's something you should come in for.  It never hurts to be on the safe side and we don't mind when a patient calls to ask us questions.

In conclusion, make sure you and your doctor talk about how often you need to be seen. Many diseases and chronic conditions require more time be spent in the office than what I recommended today.  Communicate your needs and concerns to make sure you are clear on your next appointment.  If you are looking for a doctor that cares, try Winston Salem Family Care!